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January 2012

Happy New Year to you. Thank you for your support and business over the last year. Despite the world-wide doom and gloom, the changes and introductions to our menus have done well in persuading many more of you to come and dine with us, and I hope that you have enjoyed your visits. I am always looking for feedback so we can improve our standards as a team and provide you with a better and better service. If you ever want to contact me or any of my staff for any reason, please email me on or the restaurant directly on

In September we introduced the Express Lunch Menu. This is a 2 course (starter and main) lunch menu for only £12.95. This menu was primarily aimed at local business people to offer an inexpensive and healthy lunch option which could be had within a 1 hour lunch break. In St Andrews there seems to be an abundance of snack bars, sandwich shops and cafes but very few opportunities to eat fresh, well-cooked food. At £12.95 this menu competes directly with these fast-food outlets and we have seen a huge increase in the number of our lunch customers as a result of this. We are able to produce this amazing deal by working closely with our suppliers and the markets.

You may have heard of the issues surrounding the fishing industry and in particular of something called by-catch. What Hugh’s Fish Fight is trying to do is to force fishermen to land their by-catch, which is the other fish they catch when targeting another, usually more profitable, species. This by-catch arrives at the markets and is frequently sold as a ‘mixed box’. We make use of these mixed boxes by using them on our Express Lunch Menu, so by choosing to eat from our Express Menu you are doing your bit to help the problem of throwing away perfectly good fish.

 We have agreed to put up a couple of offers on, the Scottish daily deals website. These deals will be available on Monday 9th January for 24 hours only, so make sure you are signed up to to take advantage. These deals are exclusive to members and run until the 29th February 2012.


I am thinking about starting a YouTube channel for the restaurant (mainly because everywhere else is doing it!) Various ideas that have risen are to provide mini-vids on cooking and preparing seafood and other cooking skills; quick wine recomendations and in particular food and wine pairing or working with Luvians on wines that are readily accessible for the St Andrews locals; behind the scenes clips of running a restaurant or some live footage of the kitchens during service. If you have any ideas or thoughts about this, I would really welcome them.

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